Arizona Hotdogs Size Chart

With Arizona Hotdogs, you have the opportunity to please both small and large dogs.

Before any order, we advise you to measure the neck size, or the chest size of your animal to find the best fit.

Warning: This guide is indicative, it takes into account the adult size of the dog, if you still have questions, please contact customer service:


18/24 kg
Neck Size : 40-45 cm

Bandana Size : L or XL

Finnish Lapphund

15/24 kg
Neck Size : 45-52 cm

Bandana Size : XL

Cavalier King Charles

6/8 kg
Neck Size : 25-35 cm

Bandana Size : S or M

French Bulldog

8/14 kg
Neck Size : 30-40 cm

Bandana Size : M or L


8/12 kg
Neck Size : 35-45 cm

Bandana Size : L

Jack Russell

6/8 kg
Neck Size : 30-40 cm

Bandana Size : M or L


Neck Size : 20-25 cm

Bandana Size : XS or S

Yorkshire terrier

3/4 kg
Neck Size : 25-30 cm

Bandana Size : S