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Have you ever had that awkward feeling when you’re walking down the street with your dog and meet someone who is walking down with exactly the same pet?

Your friend who is by your side let you know it by exclaiming: “Hey look at that sweetie! It is the same race as yours! It is crazy they are completely true copies!” While in reality the poor dog in front looks like a picture of Picasso…

Instinctively you think «no it is mine the cutest one!» Because, it is true! Your dog is the cutest one!

Then we start to think: ” it’s crazy the increasing number of French Bulldog in the streets of Paris! » And then we realize that this dog breed has become fashionable! 
You have the disturbing sensation to be a part of this City Hipster who have all the same dog while in fact you adopted it for its affection, its personality and not for the trend of the moment.

At least that’s what I thought concerning mine, when I saw my district being invaded by Cavalier King Charles Blenheim while my dog Arizona, which was also Blenheim, ( we never change a winning team ) was the first one to have put her small paws in town! 12 years and oldest of pavements! 
My dog was unique and nobody would have been able to compare her with another dog! She was the cutest for me because she used to worth it.

Then I had this idea to create my own brand of accessories for unique dogs a little time after my dog passed away. She left me after so many beautiful years and she would have been a great model! My little Arizona! Today Arizona Hotdogs honors her to have inspired me a so beautiful idea, and i wish she live on in my design.

Dogs are unique beings which can sometimes offer us the most beautiful moments of life: unconditional love, lessons of life, nice memories and stories to be told…

Let’s offer them presents in return!

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