For every sold product, we put back 1 euro of profits to the association Suzi  Handicap Animal,

a French association that collects sick, injured, homeless and surrendered to simply lost animals wich are given

a safe environment at the shelter, professional medical care, hope and lots of love to ensure them a better future :

to receive a loving host family.

We chose to support Suzi Handicap Animal because we share the same values ​​and we want to, through Stéphanie Lisicki, the founder of the association, act for the animal cause.

We can not turn a blind eye to many abused, abandoned animals and we recognize the actions of Suzi Animal Handicap

as the beginnings of a human awareness on the respect of the animal however described.

If you, too, recognize yourself in these values, you can help this association by making a donation or making the happiness of an animal intended for adoption.